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It’s hard to find an interview packed with a better breakdown of how to properly invest in solar energy than Linebrand’s podcast episode with Janie Mcnutt. Janie is a simply incredible multi-lingual renewables expert and founder of SolarTech Energy Solutions.

SolarTech offers powerful photovoltaic technology which can withstand tough weather conditions. Janie stresses being educated on renewable energy before making your purchase decision on solar panels, and that’s why SolarTech offers a free quote on solar panels.

The key concept to inform your decision on this investment is that you’re actually purchasing an asset as opposed to renting your source of power. SolarTech makes this process painless and affordable. Depending on your energy needs, you can potentially pay $100 a month for 20 years to own your panels for life.

At this rate, your panels will produce 40 kw hours of energy per day. Given that the average household uses 30-40 hours of energy a day, it’s reasonable to predict that your pricing will be approximately the same as this. At this rate, buyers will save around $528 a year.

For more information, please watch the podcast episode, contact us, or visit the SolarTech website.