We’d like to introduce you to Lubbock’s best Energy Solution company, SolarTech. For those who are new to sustainable and renewable energy, this is the perfect place to start because they have a well-defined process from start to finish that will provide you with an informed decision. The steps to your money saving solar solution are as follows:

  1. Site Assessment- devising a custom solution for your home’s needs (free consultation)
  2. Agreement- giving a precise quote based on aforementioned needs
  3. Permitting- submitting the design for city approval
  4. Installation– arranging a time that fits your schedule to install; you will be able to monitor the system from your smartphone once installed
  5. Inspection– conducted by your city to ensure proper installation requirements have been met
  6. Utility Interconnection– submitting your solar documents to your local utility company to track solar use
  7. Power On and Start Saving– generating clean energy and saving money on utility bills

As you can see, this process is very convenient and clear. SolarTech has established an exceptional ability to accommodate the needs of customers. Additionally, they offer an extensive variety of solar options. Options include solar and wind powered systems, hybrid solar water heating panels, portable solar units, and solar lighting for remote sites. With extensive options and exceptional customer service, it is no wonder that SolarTech is quickly becoming the preferred choice of renewable energy users everywhere. Contact us for more information, or check out their website at SolarTech.com.