After the installation of a new power grid in Lubbock and record winter storms which had caused homes across Texas to lose electricity in early 2021, a lot of buzz formed around solar energy. Our CEO, Jonathan Blackwell, was happy to provide an expert opinion for a KAMC news segment covering the subject of renewables. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be taking advantage of that natural resource,” says Jonathan, “with solar in Lubbock, people can spend up to 30,000 dollars over twenty years that essentially breaks down to your monthly electricity bill.” Other pertinent information from the segment includes:

  • Through 2022 there’s a 26% tax break if you go solar (in Lubbock)
  • Customers pay a low meter fee
  • Combined with battery storage, panels can keep your electricity going in the event of a power outage

We’re proud to be a part of such a necessary message and hope everyone watching or reading considers investing in this valuable asset which will save costs in the long run.