We’ve discussed all the ongoing American-Made challenges in depth, so you may be wondering where these challenges come from. The American-Made challenges are just a portion of the fundraising opportunities for those who want to change the world offered by Herox.

Herox is a turn-key crowdfunding platform which has been inspiring world-changing advancements since 2004. They offer prizes for those who find solutions in the following categories: Technology, Non-Profit & Social Impact, Arts & Design, Energy/Environment & Resources, Education, Healthcare, Engineering, Government, Data,  Science, COVID-19, Science, Infrastructure, Space, Finances, Drones, Powered by HeroX. If you’ve thought of a challenge that needs to be overcome you can also present your ideas and implicate for the funding of your challenge’s solution. So the next time you’re on social media and feel like the world is a really dark place, start a dialogue.

Ask how we can do better as humans and make it a challenge on Herox. One of the biggest problems with the world is that many of us focus more of our energy on problems than solving them. 

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