American-Made Challenges Solar Desalination Prize

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They say 80% of businesses fail because they lack the proper funding to get off the ground. We at Nashwell.Solar wonder what the statistics for good ideas or inventions that go unattended for the same reason are. Therefore, we want to introduce the American Made Challenges to you. Through these challenges, inventors can gain funding for inventions that have the capacity to transform the world as we know it.

One such challenge is the Solar Desalination Prize. If you’re unfamiliar with desalination, it’s the process by which we extract salt from water. This invention has the potential to solve the global water crisis. We had the privilege of winning in the first round of competition with a highly competent team consisting of Focused Sun’s Dr. Shawn Buckley and Rene Francis, Aquastill’s Bart Nelemans, and Nashwell’s Jonathan Blackwell. Our supergroup, SolAirDesal, combined membrane distillation (MD) and thermal vapor compression (TVC) with high temperature linear-fresnel solar collections for Concentrated Solar-powered American Water Desalination. Riding off of this success, we are excited to see how our ideas evolve.